8 — 10 June 2021
ONLINE between Europe and Beijing, CHINA

The EC DG CONNECT and ETSI will participate in a bilateral exchange with China MIIT and CCSA about standardisation for IoT technologies and systems, in the framework of the InDiCo project,

following the IoT oneM2M Workshop and Hackathon organised by ETSI and SCSC in Shandong in November 2020. 

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Internet oThings systems and application, leveraging the new capabilities of fixed and mobile communications technologies, extend to a wide range of domains, from transport to industryhealthcare to agriculture, etc. Interoperability, sustainability, scalability, and security of these IoT systems and devices is critical to their success and adoption 

Together with the Standards Development Organizations of Japan, South Korea, India and the US, CCSA and ETSI are founding partners of the oneM2M alliance, which is developing common standards for an open service layer for the development of IoT applications, independent of the underlying connectivity standards and protocols.  

This EU-China roundtable on IoT Standards aims to facilitate further exchanges and explore new ways to improve cooperation in this ground-breaking and promising field of IoT technologies.  

The full agenda and the speakers at this virtual event will be announced later. 

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