Join this EU-USA cooperation webinar on Cybersecurity for Consumer IoT Standardisation and certification schemes ! This InDiCo webinar will be co-chaired by ETSI and NIST.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to fundamentally transform industry. The combination of a huge variety of connected devices with automated systems that collect and analyse information, and then can action that information, is set to transform the way so many industry sectors operate - from transport to manufacturing, to healthcare and agriculture.  

And when this ecosystem can leverage the high bandwidth, low latency and ultra-reliability of 5G mobile and fixed networks that interoperate globally, the opportunities are endless. Devices can communicate not only within closed silos but also across different networking types, which can create a much more connected world.

The objective of this webinar will be to create a common vision of IoT devices and systems security vulnerabilities and to share best practices in terms of regulation, standardization and certification. EU and USA have a longstanding history of cooperation in the digital policy and standardization domain, which now is extended across sectors to cover the broad scope of IoT systems and applications.The agenda will cover the following topics:

The role of a secure Consumer IoT in a secure ICT environment. Why are standards needed?

  • Cybersecurity standards for consumer IoT in Europe:
    • EU: EN 303 645 Cybersecurity Standard
    • EU: Cybersecurity Assessment for consumer IoT security – Impact on future IoT Schemes
  • Cybersecurity standards for consumer IoT in the USA
  • Panel discussion:
    • Can we really disconnect Industrial IoT from Consumer IoT?
    • The importance of Security by design
    • Securing Consumer IoT: international cooperation aspects (policy, standardization, certification)

Speakers will be announced at a future date. Should you be interested to participate in this event, please contact us.

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