In the context of the InDiCo project, ETSI is invited to participate in the Policy and Standardization Seminar on cybersecurity during the Japan-US-EU ICS Cybersecurity Week.

Digital technologies and networks are essential to the prosperity of our economies and well-being of our societies. In addition, new digital solutions (notably 5G and IoT) are beneficial for digital transformation in critical infrastructures. The Covid-19 pandemic has made this even more evident. At the same time, cybersecurity threats rapidly increase. The cybersecurity of critical infrastructures therefore becomes ever more important and strategic to protect our economies, our people, our societies and our values.

Following the successful JP-US-EU Workshop held on March 11, 2021 on Cybersecurity Policy and Standardization, ETSI is again invited by the European Commission and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan to participate in the following program in the context of the InDiCo project. The Japan-US-EU ICS Cybersecurity Week is a one-week online training program focusing on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) for the Indo-Pacific region to be held on Oct 25-29, 2021 under the cooperation between Japanese government (METI), United States government (DHS/CISA, DOS and DOE) the European Commission (DG CONNECT) and funded by METI and ICSCoE of Japan.

ETSI is invited to participate to the Policy and Standardization Seminar scheduled on the second day of the event, on October 28, 2021. Developing comprehensive policies on cybersecurity (including ICS cybersecurity) has and remains a continuous priority of public authorities in Japan, the U.S. and the EU. The development of global standards is also an essential part of a solid and efficient policy on cybersecurity. Finally, International cooperation and exchange of experience and best practices are key to reinforcing these cybersecurity frameworks

Participation is upon invitation.

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