The European Union and the Unites States have a deep-rooted partnership, constructed on a solid foundation of common values, including a commitment to the rule of law, the democratic process, free enterprise, the respect for human rights, and alleviating poverty.

The US is the largest trading partner with the EU and the top importer from the EU28 that compromises more than 20% of total EU exports worldwide.

The EU and the US have a longstanding exchange on the topic of Information Society through a series of dialogues, with the 15th Information Society dialogue held on 1st Feb 2018 in Europe. Both sides confirmed their interest in a broad set of topics covering almost all of the technical areas in the InDiCo project.

Thanks to the involvement of ATIS and TIA in 3GPP and oneM2M, a high level of cooperation already exists in the domains of 5G and IoT. The InDiCo project will increase the cooperation and extend it to other new technologies such as Quantum Technology and ITS, on both technical and policy levels.

With the ever-growing importance of cross-border data flows and the related needs for security and privacy, InDiCo will also foster and support exchanges in order to identify the relevant approaches and standards required to enable the booming data economy while safekeeping users' interests and privacy.

Technologies covered by the project in USA

  • 5G
  • IoT
  • Cyber Security
  • ITS

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