InDiCo has a wide geographical scope, with partner countries selected from Europe's key trading and technology partners. InDiCo aims at further strengthening collaboration in ICT standardisation with these countries and in their respective regions, building on existing ties at Research and Innovation level (e.g. common research projects) as well as supporting the existing or upcoming dialogues on ICT.

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Brazil is Latin America's largest country and the world's seventh largest economy.


China is one of the biggest traders in the world, with the EU standing as China's largest trading partner.


India is the world's fastest-growing large economy, whose main trading partner is the European Union.


With a highly developed economy, Japan is one of the world's most innovative countries.

South Korea

South Korea is a highly developed country and a global leader in many technology and innovation-driven fields.


The US is the largest trading partner with the EU and the top importer from the EU28 that compromises more than 20% of the whole EU exports worldwide.


The Member States of the European Union share a single market, a single external border and a single trade policy.

Indico Partner Countries

European Union

InDiCo will focus on the development of collaboration with six key trading partners of the European Union, building on existing ties at Research and Innovation level (e.g. common research projects with EU funding) as well as supporting the existing dialogues on ICT.