Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) are best known under the now famous names of Blockchain and Bitcoin although the latter are varieties of a wider concept. Distributed Ledger Technologies allow for the creation and maintenance of a decentralized ledger of data that becomes increasingly difficult to tamper with as it grows and that is also very difficult to erase as it is replicated in multiple locations. These principles make DLTs a good enabler for applications where a specific record of data needs to be kept and known to be reliable.

It is, however, important to understand where the concept is relevant to make a service more effective or more secure and not simply be a trendy alternative to a database.

With government and industry players in the partner countries, InDiCo will foster collaboration on identification and qualification of services that would benefit from using DLTs while also gathering use cases and requirements for standardisation activities building on the technology itself standardised in ISO TC 307. In particular, applications in the field of digital identity, electronic/smart contracts and tracking of security/privacy related permissions will be considered.

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  • India

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