On 5 & 6 February 2020, ETSI endorsed and participated in the 5G Huddle 2020 in New Delhi, India, in the frame of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF).

InDiCo enabled ETSI's participation to the 7th Annual 5G Huddle, dedicated to 5G technologies.

This conference presented the progress that has been made, and more importantly the challenges that still remain in order for the long-term benefits of this truly transformational technology to be felt across all areas of society.

For this 7th edition, the Conference was very well attended by International and Indian key players, who brought valuable contributions and demonstrated a strong involvement in the discussions until the very last moments. A very concrete sign of the momentum building around this technology !

Adrian SCRASE, ETSI’s Chief Technology Officer and Head of the Mobile Competence Centre which has the primary role of supporting 3GPP, chaired a session on Evolving 5G business models – Delivering a long-term and sustainable future for 5G.

The shift to 5G involves significant investment and capital expenditure in areas such as R&D, spectrum licence acquisition and infrastructure. A major challenge for mobile operators and other connectivity service provides (CSPs) is to develop sustainable 5G business model that allow them to start recoupling some of these investments.

2020 5G Huddle_Indico_Adrian_Scrase

Participants in the session provided insights, presented testimonials and debated on the following questions:

- How is 5G already changing business models for mobile operators and connectivity providers, and to what extent are long-term, sustainable 5G business models starting to emerge?

- Which of the three proposed application scenarios for 5G (enhanced mobile broadband; massive machine-type communication; and ultra-reliable, low-latency, communication) is likely to deliver the most compelling business cases going forward?

- How are mobile operators and other connectivity providers ultimately going to make money from 5G and start to recoup the huge investments that have been made?

- What are the estimated costs of full roll-out of 5G networks in countries arounds the world, and how are these being funded?

- What impact can high roll-out costs have on the feasibility of business models, the longer-term development of 5G, and the overall service offering to consumers?

Further details on the agenda, speakers, pictures and presentations made at the event can be found here.