EU DG Connect, TTA, ETSI and InDiCo Stakeholders representatives will participate to the GISC 2020 online edition, in a session dedicated to EU-South Korean cooperation in digital policy, regulations and standardization.

Leveraging on the close relationships established between the DG Connect of the EU, ETSI, TTA and the MSIT of South Korea, ETSI and TTA have agreed to jointly hold the following sessions at the upcoming GISC 2020 virtual conference:.

  • Seizing the opportunities of a digital society: the European and South Korean ICT and Standardization Strategies
  • Data Economy and Data privacy
  • Standards in support of Smart Cities

The InDiCo project is facilitating the organization of these sessions, with the participation of EU DG Connect, MSIT, TTA, ETSI and Stakeholders from the European and South Korean ICT Industry.

GISC stands for Global International Standards Conference, it is the South Korean largest events dedicated to ICT Standardization. It is jointly organized by South Korean Governmental, Industry, Research & University representatives (MSIT, RRA, TTA, ETRI, KISTA, KAIA).

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