EU- Brazil Workshop on Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment organized by

The DG CONNECT from Europe

with the support of the 

International Digital Cooperation Project on ICT Standardisation
Date: April 5th, 2022 from 10am to 12am (BRT) – 3pm to 5pm (CEST)

Brazil and the European Union (EU) share the same vision, that Digital Communications and Technologies are of vital importance for all spheres of society.  They enable sustainable growth of both regions and contribute to addressing global societal challenges. The development and widespread adoption of new digital services and networks having powerful effects on the economy and the social development of both regions, it is therefore important to foster a level playing field allowing the creation of services and networks which preserve the safety and the security of governments, companies, and citizens.

The EU and Brazil are committed to further strengthening and broadening the cooperation in the field of Digital Communications and Emerging Technologies.  The EU confirmed its interest in strengthening cooperation in the area of testing and certification by supporting the exchange between Brazilian Government and European experts about testing and certification frameworks and practices for telecom equipment, with a view to understand the respective policies and explore the possibility of alignment of market access requirements for telecom equipment between Brazil and the European Union.

The workshop will cover topics the following areas:

  • Requirements and procedure for mandatory testing and certification of telecom equipment in Brazil
  • European system for testing and certification of telecom Equipment
  • Current state of play in Brazil and Europe

Speakers at the workshop will include policy makers and experts from EU and Brazil: regulatory and supervising bodies, standards setting bodies, implementation bodies, as well as industry representatives. They will originate from ANATEL and CPQD from Brazil, the European Commission, the Delegation of the European Union to Brazil and ETSI from Europe.

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