The fast development of IoT and Smart Cities is having a powerful effect on economic and social development across the world. It supports the growth and competitiveness of countries and contributes to addressing major global societal challenges.

Cities are finding new, innovative ways to leverage the new capabilities of fixed and 5G mobile communication technologies and the latest developments in the field of IoT. Opportunities for Cities are now endless, in a wide range of application domains such as smart mobility, smart tourism, smart water and smart energy management.  Ensuring interoperability, sustainability, and affordability of these new systems and devices is critical to their ongoing success and broader worldwide adoption, but it is also crucial to ensure privacy, security, and safety for all users.

In this context, the EU and the Republic of Korea are committed to further strengthening and broadening their cooperation in the field of Digital Communications and Emerging Technologies.
They confirmed their interests in strengthening cooperation on IoT and Smart Cities by supporting the exchange between experts from the Republic of Korea and Europe in this domain, with a view to better understanding the respective policies and to exploring the possibility for deeper cooperation and alignment.

The objective of this workshop will be to share the European and Rep. of Korea’s approaches related to policy, regulation, research and innovation programs and standards for IoT and Smart Cities.

The workshop will cover topics the following areas:

  • Policy Initiatives and Vision for IoT and Smart Cities
  • Technology, Standards and Use Cases for IoT and Smart Cities
  • EU-Republic of Korea possible cooperation activities in the domain

Speakers at the workshop from the EU and the Republic of Korea represent public authorities, regulatory and supervising bodies, standard-setting bodies, implementation bodies, as well as industry representatives.

This event is organized by the International Digital Cooperation Project on ICT Standardization (InDiCo) with the support of the European Commission DG CONNECT and ETSI from Europe and the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) and the Ministry Of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) and TTA (Telecom Technology Association) from Korea.

Participation: upon invitation.

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