25 June 2021
ONLINE between Europe and New Delhi, INDIA

Don’t miss this IET India Digital Conversation on use cases of mobile connectivity leveraging 5G technologies. Join our expert panel to find out which applications could bring the most benefits and learn about experiences gained in India and in other regions of the world!

There has been a clear traction for the roll-out of 5G networks in the world since the launch of the first 5G services in South Korea at the end of 2018. As of January 2021, 61 countries have live 5G networks. India is about to embark on the 5G journey, after running several successful pilot projects. The country is currently defining its regulations and preparing to release spectrum for commercial 5G service.

5G is poised to dramatically transform industries and society as we know them. These new evolving telecommunication networks, that are high bandwidth, low latency and ultra-reliable,  will not just supercharge smart phones - they will provide a new platform that will power the next generation of solutions that will transform sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, public safety and transportation.

5G technology and remote connectivity has also provided some solutions to the challenges raised by the pandemic in the last 18 months. At the beginning of this year, the Department of Telecom of the Government of India has launched a hackathon to identify and support 100 top use cases of 5G technology.

So, what are the 5G use cases which will bring the most benefits to Indian society at large? What are the conditions to unleash this potential? And how can India benefit from International cooperation and from experiences gained in other regions of the world?

The relationship between the EU and India has been intense over the last decades at the regulatory level, at the standard development or industrial cooperation level, as well as in terms of broader cultural and societal exchanges. There can only be advantages to share experiences and practices across borders, among major stakeholders of our digitally connected ecosystems. 

In our next IET India Digital Conversation on June 25, 2021, driven by our Standardisation Partners ETSI and TSDSI, we will bring an expert panel of speakers from different countries and backgrounds, who will explore the uses cases of mobile connectivity and how 5G could enable breakthrough innovations in products, services, processes for the benefits of all. 

Panel Speakers:

  • Dr. Andreas Müller, General Chair of the 5G Alliance for Connected Industry and Automation (5G – ACIA)
  • Mr. Raffaele de Peppe, Board Member of the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G - IA) 
  • Dr. Oommen John, Senior Research Fellow, George Institute for Health
  • Mr. Viji George, Division Leader, Digital Solutions, John Deere India
  • Monika Gupta, VP Vice President, Engineering and R&D, Capgemini and Global 5G/Edge lead and Head of Ecosystems & Alliances

The panel discussion will be moderated by Mr. Dinesh Chand Sharma, Seconded European Standardisation Expert in India (SESEI). 

The discussion will cover the following topics :

Experiences and pilots of the most promising use cases and best practices of 5G technology in different application domains, in India and in other parts of the world:

  1. Precision agriculture
  2. Industry automation
  3. Public Transportation and Safety
  4. E-health and telemedicine
  5. Other domains

How will these applications become accessible and affordable to the Indian society?

What potential competitive advantage can be derived from these applications for individual businesses and for the country as a whole?

What are the potential stumbling blocks in reaping these benefits from the new technology?

How globally harmonized standards contribute to accelerating the speed to market and availability of these solutions?

Registration is now open for this event, which will take place on Friday, 25th June 2021 (at 9:30 AM ECT – 1PM IST; Duration : 90 mins)

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