Don’t miss IET India's upcoming Digital Conversation on Future Cities  - Autonomous Administration with Blockchain, IoT and AI.

Deutsche Telecom will present the Hamburg Sustainable City project, which is implementing the oneM2M standard, and they will participate in a panel discussion with Indian Authorities and Industry leaders. Moderated by the Chair of the Smart City Working Group of IET Future Tech Panel.

Smart and Sustainable City Administration

Whenever we talk about smart or future cities, one of the most critical roles that comes to the spotlight is that of the city administration. City administrations must manage a complex mix of challenges including economic growth, social inclusion, biodiversity, pollution control, energy and utilities, public health, education, investments, industrial development etc. In India, city administrations mostly use predefined policies, processes, regulations, laws and acts - and thus many of these systems have been automated through the use of information systems. However the technologies being utilized are now often outdated - they have not yet leveraged the potential of the latest digital technologies like Mobile, Social, Analytics, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies. 

Many cities have yet to design an overarching digital technology blueprint that would allow them to re-imagine and re-engineer their entire way of governing and providing services to their constituents. Cities are still operating in the 'e-governance era' and have not yet transitioned to the 'Digital governance era', where there is a need to design, build and embrace a new generation of digital age software applications and infrastructure.

This Digital Conversation will cover:

  • How Smart Contracts, that leverage Blockchain Technologies, can provide smarter and more efficient automation of city policies and activities.
  • How IoT, AI, Analytics and Cloud technologies can be used to implement predictive and preventive maintenance of energy, gas, water and other utility infrastructure.
  • How Chatbots, Mobile Apps and Geo-Spatial Technologies can be used to deliver citizen services - anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • How IoT and Analytics can be used to reduce pollution and improve air quality
  • The significance of having a Chief Digital Officer for each city and what would be their roles & responsibilities.

Panel of expert Speakers

  • Sharat Chandra - President, Government Blockchain Association
  • Chethan Seegehalli - Head, Digitisation & Technology Solutions, Siemens Advanta
  • Ishan Roy - Head, Blockchain, Tamil Nadu eGovernance Agency
  • Andreas Neubacher -  Strategy & Technology Innovation | Standardization & IPR Management | IoT Standards, Deutsche Telekom and former -Chair of Open Radio Interface study group (ORI ISG) in ETSI, DT representative in 3GPP, ETSI, IEEE and oneM2M.

This panel will be moderated by V Srinivasa Rao (VSR), Chair, Smart Cities WG, IET Future Tech Panel, Chairman & MD, BT&BT.

InDiCo support to IET India Digital Conversations 2021

Under the framework of the InDiCo project, ETSI had a very successful participation in the IET India Digital Conversation on “Clearing the 5G obstacle course in India” that took place in July 2020.  InDiCo is pleased to continue this collaboration to enable representatives of the European Industry and Standardization community to once again participate in the IET India Digital Conversations in 2021.

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