The 12th EU-Japan ICT Strategy Workshop will be held online between Brussels and Tokyo on November 17, 2021 with the participation of policy makers and industry representatives.

ICT technologies and networks are essential to the prosperity of our economies and well-being of our societies. With the wide adoption of 5G, IoT, AI and robotics, these technologies enable the digital transformation of all private and public sectors of our societies, while providing innovative “smart” solutions in support of the green transition. These and other related issues are the subject matter of the bi-annual EU-Japan ICT Strategy Workshops.

ETSI shall participate in this 12th EU-Japan ICT Strategy Workshop at the invitation of the European Commission and in the context of the InDiCo project for the fourth consecutive time, after the 9th Digital Strategy Workshop held on Dec 11-12, 2019, the 10th Digital Strategy Workshop held on Dec 1-2, 2020 and the 11th EU-Japan ICT Strategy Workshop held on April 15-16, 2021.

This illustrates the growing importance of International cooperation in the development of open global ICT standards, to lay the ground for breakthrough research and innovation and sustainable economic development. The workshop will involve expert participants in selected ICT domains, bringing together policy makers and regulators, key industry representatives and society stakeholders.

Participation is upon invitation.

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