Join this EU-Korea cooperation webinar on the vision Beyond 5G.

This InDiCo webinar will be co-chaired by ETSI and TTA with the support of MSIT of South Korea and the European Commission DG CONNECT

5G is poised to dramatically transform industries and society as we know them. These new evolving telecommunication networks, that are high bandwidth, low latency and ultra-reliable, will not just supercharge smart phones - they will provide a new platform that will power the next generation of solutions that will transform sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing agriculture and transportation.

And the global standards upon which these technologies are being built are the result of a dynamic collaboration that has brought together the best ideas, the brightest minds and the most advanced technologies from around the globe. And it’s these global standards that open the door for exciting new opportunities for innovators, designers and solution providers to create the next big thing(s).

The objective of this Webinar will be to share our vision of what the world of mobile telecommunications could look like over the next 5 years – and what steps are being taken to make this vision a reality. What does the roadmap look like and what are the opportunities? 

We will also share approaches in building policies, regulations and standards in the telecommunication domain.

EU and Korea have a longstanding history of cooperation in the digital policy and standardization domain, which now needs to be extended across sectors to cover the broad scope of the next generation of networks and applications.


The agenda will cover the following topics:

  • Framework of the Korean and European digital policies
  • Shaping a vision for Beyond 5G: Use cases/requirements from South Korea & Europe
  • Implementing the vision: next steps and international cooperation
  • Panel discussion

Detailed agenda available here

This event can be viewed here live on June 2nd, from 8:30 to 11:45 (CET), 15:30 to 18:45 (KST)

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